Today’s app discovery and visibility are way different than the initial stages of digital marketing of apps. User acquisition is made through either paid or organic campaigns. With paid campaigns on the upper hand and organic campaigns are no longer at the same rate as they were, aso has taken the top position for becoming a part of UA.

How UA and app store optimization work together?

While aso is all about ensuring that your app is discoverable and interesting by optimizing the app keywords, store visuals etc. it makes sure all the user traffic that comes to visit your app is convinced and downloads your app. 

The main goal for aso is to aim to ensure that the users who land on your page are primed for downloading your app.

One of the best aso services that you can use while optimizing your app is social media influence and social media advertising.

While being cost-friendly and very useful in attracting rightful users, different social media platforms work in different ways.

  • Facebook ads: since its launch of “Facebook ads” in 2018, Facebook is like a marketing empire for marketers providing useful information to customers and showing the necessary advertisements. It is one of the best platforms for creating the best user campaigns and targeting valuable customers.

   It had also created controversy when Facebook declared to use the user’s data in exchange for marketing networks and showed it was totally into the marketing arena.

   This platform provides you to set a goal, conversion or number of page visits etc. along with time. It charges you every time this happens. You can pay it for every action taken place or monthly.

  • Instagram ads: Instagram, no doubt, is one of the most popular social media platforms right now. More than 60% of brands or businesses promote their products on Instagram, through pages, ads, videos etc. it can be considered as the best platform for targeting youngsters and audiences under 30 years and can be useful in targeting rightful users.

The cost and payment work just like Facebook.

  • Snapchat ads: The only way you can advertise using Snapchat is video. So before you opt Snapchat as an advertising platform, remember that you need to put a lot of money for advertising since it’s more costly than other platforms but do proper research for your target audience. Without adequate research jumping into the Snapchat platform, advertisement is a mere waste of money.                                                            
  • Twitter ads:   The only way you can advertise your app on twitter is by using a media card or gif. Twitter is a fast-paced social media platform like Instagram, so be brevitive with your ads. We can control our ads for targeted users, and payment for your ads can be daily or monthly. It can give you best-optimized campaigns.


While user acquisition with universal campaigns is the best aso startegy, it can give you a good boost in installing volumes or in-app changes. It is about having a proper budget and good marketing aso team who can analyze facts and report you when to start campaigns.