App store optimization is the process of optimizing apps to increase their visibility on major app stores, such as App Store for iOS, Google Play for Android, and Windows Store for Windows Phone. The higher the rank of your app in the app store’s search results, the higher the traffic to your app, and the more chances of getting downloads. As 63% of apps are discovered through app store searches, it becomes essential to get your app to the top. App store searches drive the majority of installs and our app store optimization services are designed to help you get the most out of this discovery channel.


An “app store optimization Company” like us can assist you to do this regularly. Many developers will tell you that keywords, descriptions, marketing, and how will they drive growth are probably last on their list of things to do. Let’s face it producing and developing the app, getting it signed and approved in the app store is a momentous task on its own.

Developers often pick keywords and write descriptions at the last second during an app’s submission process. In most cases, little or no research on keyword searches occurs before the app submission, leaving most apps hidden, and the likelihood of discovery quite low.

At NextGrowthLabs we are very experienced in driving apps download and growth in user sign-ups and we can be your app store optimization Company. We can help you get more downloads and take care of marketing and optimization.

ASO can increase downloads from a factor of 2x to 12x and increases in revenue being similar. Depending on where you are in your app store journey we can come up with a solution to help you.

What’s included in our app marketing and ASO services:

Every ASO campaign we run is different and depends largely on the business goals behind the app. Following tireless market research, we’ll suggest the best way to proceed with your app marketing.

There are some activities that we undertake for all ASO campaigns, and they include the following:

  1. Market research. What does it look like out there? Who’s the target audience, and what’s likely to catch their eye?
  2. Mobile app audit. We need to get to know your app from top to bottom (and may have suggestions for improvements to make it as marketable as possible).
  3. App Store research. Who are you up against? How can we capitalize on their shortcomings?
  4. App Store Optimisation. App Store provides plenty of ways to customize your listing to ensure maximum visibility. We follow the best practices.
  5. Keyword research. How will people search for your app? What words and phrases are they likely to use?


ASO (App Store Optimization) is the process of enhancing your mobile application visibility based on platforms like Android, Windows, OS, Cross platforms, and Blackberry applications. If you are ready to go with SEO for websites, then it’s mandatory to prefer App Store Optimization for mobile applications. Get ready to see your mobile apps ranking top in the app store with our effective “App Store optimization services“.

Nextgrowthlabs holds a qualified ASO expert team who are dedicated and make use of the latest and industry updated app store optimization strategies for a different platform to increase the credibility & visibility of the client applications.

Is your mobile app promoted? We at NextGrowthlabs are the top ASO or “App Store optimization company“. Get connected with the best mobile app store optimization service.