App Store Optimization (ASO) is a technique used to improve your mobile app ranking within app store ecosystems like Apple App Store, Google Play Store, and Windows Store. It is also known as App Store Marketing or Mobile App SEO. The primary goal of an ASO strategy service is to facilitate quality app downloads. Secondary goals can include increasing brand awareness, improving app reviews, and audience engagement. Finding your app is only half the battle won, the other half is to convince the user to download it. We ensure that we clearly communicate your app’s value proposition and its uniqueness in brief. We curate and post all the media releases and blog posts about your app to increase credibility. We regularly update app descriptions as the app and allied features and services evolve.

Some of the best ASO SERVICES can be given as follows: 

Taking Stock of the Competition: A good ASO strategy involves two parts – knowing the customer and understanding the competition. To achieve this, here are a few points which should be borne in mind –

Description of the app.

The language used by their customers.

Keywords used by the competitors.

Reasons for downloading and using the app.

knowing which keywords are to be targeted – the obvious keywords or the less trafficked, will make the job of optimization easier.


Knowing what Customers Search: All these questions will better an app’s presence on the app store. Conduct a consumer research to identify the queries used by consumers to search your app or related ones. This helps in determining whether the same keywords are to be targeted or separate keywords are to be use

App Store Optimization tips suggest thinking from the point-of-view of the end customer.

What are they likely to search for?

Why are the benefits of downloading your app?

Will they share the app with friends and family?


Deciding the App Name: For the best App Store Optimization results, coming up with a unique name for the app is not enough. If the right keyword is used in the title, then the chances of the app being ranked higher get brighter by 10.3%.

The chosen title should have the required keywords and should leave a positive impression on the customer as well.

Longer titles are also truncated after the 30th character, which includes white spaces on the App Store, and the 50th character on the Play store.

Maximizing the Keywords: The approaches for selecting ASO keywords happens to be a bit different for the App Store and the Play Store. They are given below –

App Store

The keyword field is 100 characters long.

Makes use of title and keywords to determine the search strings for which the app will appear.

To maximize organic traffic, the allocated keywords must be used. Keywords must be researched.

Play Store

Has a similar approach to Search Engine Optimization.

Google scans the app’s description to extract the necessary keywords.

A keyword can be optimally repeated 5 times on the product page.

Any additional mention has no effect on ASO and can even turn customers away