Why Buying App Reviews Is The Only Skill You Really Need

it has the pencil when I type making it look like its writing the word or letter for me, and when I need to delete a letter or whatever it gets a pencil eraser and erases it for me. That’s like SO cool 😃! I especially love the Cookie Monster buy android app reviews font the best 😍😍Please keep this app ! I wish they had more like it 😩😩

This is by far, the best app that I can write in and have it be a secret. I’m a writer and I don’t like when people I know reads it, and it’s a good app just in general. I do have the full paid version and I love it.But I do have two requests. When I try to scroll down and there are pictures and you end up touching one of them they end up moving, so maybe make it so if you want to move a picture you have to hold it down for a little bit in order to move it.

The other request that I have is pictures. If you could maybe make it the full picture instead of just having it be a square picture.Other than those two, this is my all time favorite app. I use it everyday to write. If you could just maybe take a thought in changing those two things, that’d be great. Other than that, keep doing what your doing😊☺️

Welp…this app was a great idea and it did what it needed to do. However, the latest update for iPhone (iOS 9.3 I believe) gives you the option to lock and unlock any and all of your notes in the standard notes app. Realistically, this should have been an option in notes from the beginning, so it was pretty much inevitable…but maybe this app gave Apple the idea to do something about it? Either way, I’ll give this app 5 stars as a sad farewell.

This is a grate app bc it has a password and nobody can look in it unless you tell them your password it organizes it either by date or in alphabetical order and you can name the topic that you wrote andyou can choose what time it goes back to the front page and what Emma doesn’t five minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes you’re never this is a recommended app for you to trust me I’ve been using this app you’re probably 1year get reviews app store

It’s hard to copy and paste on but again it’s a realy good app to put your notes on its so simple no pencils, erasers and stuff it’s super good but it has problems it is realy a cheaply made game but at the same time that’s good beacouse it’s easy to use and it does not block a special font not a single one it’s like the same thing as messages this helped me remember stuff like my daily things to do!! So since I never use most of the apps that are pre-installed on my phone, I deleted my original notes and the other day I wanted to make a note. 

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