iOS app ratings & its importance

App development is one among the foremost trickiest things to try to to . Extreme care should be taken to make sure that your app is ideal . After all, there are numerous things to think about while the event is ongoing . The content has got to be superficial then should be the UI and therefore the graphics. Your app logo should be minimalistic and extraordinary. There are a number of the items that you simply should be extremely cautious about. aside from that, there are many other things that need your attention.
After the event , comes a stage which is more complex than the app development stage. Yes, app marketing. After the creation of the app, it’s the marketing that provides you the users that decide your profits and therefore the business.



How does the App Store work?
Before diving deep into our topic, allow us to understand how the iOS App Store works. once you submit your app, it’s checked and verified against the norms laid out by the App Store guidelines. Once you undergo them, your app is listed within the App Store and it’s then the most competition starts.
The moment you get listed within the App Store, your app stands within the long queue of competitions. Many of those apps have similar content and have a good good share of user base. Now once you start new, there’s little or no that you simply have. The user base is nil then is your app’s visibility. Unless you probably did some pre-marketing, there are chances that you simply won’t get any users for your app.

App Visibility
We used a term “App Visibility” within the above paragraph. What does it mean? allow us to take a glance into it. The term app visibility tells about your app’s presence within the app store. More the visibility, more people can see your app and more number of times your app will appear within the search listings.
The App Visibility is decided by three major things. These are:
App Ratings
App Reviews
Number of App installs
All three are fairly important and holds an excellent deal of importance when it involves app visibility. the main one is app installs in fact .
Well, it’s more complicated honestly. allow us to see how.

The Link?
The number of app installs and your app reviews are much closely linked than you’ll consider . When people look for an app, they see many apps listed in an order. This order is decided by the visibility of your app. Now, when people install an app, they first check out the app rating then they read the user reviews. If the ratings are good, they plan to install the app. The scenario is same from the opposite way around. The more your app installs, the higher your app visibility are going to be and hence more people will install also as rate your app. See? this is often how complicating it gets. One thing that we will infer out of this is often that, more app ratings means more visibility and hence more installs. and every one this results in one common thing. More profits.

iOS App rating
These are the user aided feedback about your iOS apps. When people use an app, they rate it or in other words provides a feedback on what proportion they like your app. An app with 4+ ratings are generally considered to be good apps. These ratings are a picture of your app’s performance and it tells about your brand’s good will.

How is it important?
We have already stated within the above paragraphs that app ratings are an important thing when it involves app performance. People ignore the apps which have a coffee rating. this is often because they don’t get to trust that your app is worthy and efficient. An app with an honest rating easily wins users and hence results in better app business.

Now comes another important question. The way to improve user ratings?
This can be answered easily. Here are a number of the items that you simply should follow to extend your iOS App rating.
Ask for ratings: Yes, ask the users. Many users don’t rate app albeit they like them. this is often because it’s seen as an “not-so-important” thing. But if you ask them to rate your app, they’re going to presumably rate it. But don’t torture them and keep it up asking to rate your app. It gets bizarre when anything is spammed.
App Quality: Before taking any steps, confirm that your app is ideal . Remove the issues that you simply get to understand about and also confirm that your app is freed from glitches. Ensuring an honest quality of app will promote users to offer good ratings for your app.
Reward Users: Reward the users for taking their time to rate your app. this manner the user base are going to be motivated to supply good ratings for your app. And by investing small, you’ll earn blast as these ratings will help to enhance your app’s visibility.
Buy ratings: We understand that it’s very hard for brand spanking new developers to urge app installs and ratings. one among the foremost effective ways of starting the cycle is by buying app ratings. These app ratings will improve your app visibility then you’ll run it on autopilot. There are many websites that provide buy app rating services. you’ll also hire freelancers or use marketing agencies. Whatever you are doing , confirm that the ratings are genuine and not by any bots. The Apple Store features a very strict rule about the utilization of bots. So better keep it organic.
Now, you recognize a number of the tricks to extend your iOS app rating. We hope that your app business flourishes and you create many profit. All the simplest .